Brave Browser - BAT Reward

Interested to know everyone’s opinion on the Brave browser project which offers Basic Attention Token (BAT) as a reward.

Do you think the project has a long term future? What about KYC requirements and it’s reliance on Uphold?

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The Brave Browser is awesome. There are a lot of opinions on the token model online but IMO here’s whats important.

You earn the token, not to cash-in, but to tip others with. The whole ecosystem stops working if everyone just cashed in their tokens. Instead, earn your tokens and use them to tip others. For example, you can set a fixed amount to tip Voskcoin Youtube channel every month if you enjoy that content or tip a Twitter comment.

Unfortunately, we cannot tip forum posts here yet, but eventually we will be able to and I could tip you for your post in this thread.


I have it on all my devices I have about $100 worth of BAT I have just been hanging onto them though no tips yet lol also as long as advertisers continue to want to advertise on Brave the ecosystem will continue to pay the people viewing the ads so I don’t think cashing them in is a bad thing.

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I’ve mostly been tipping the BAT I’ve gotten to You Tube people who cover crypto… cough


Brave browser is honestly the best I have ever seen. Natively blocks so much stuff but is generally (there are exceptions) easy to work around when it blocks something critical. Constant updates, familiar interface and Sync functionality (which I think is still broken atm) make it a good enough option I’ve been installing it on every clean Win10 install I’ve done for people lately.

I also like Brave I am currently dealing with an issue where I sent myself tips from a device that cannot sync to my uphold wallet and those BAT are still missing. I’ll let you know if support is able to help me.

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Hey guys! First comment on this forum btw :slight_smile:

I have been using Brave Browser for a while now and I must say I love it! I used Chrome before so was able to sync all my history over from there and use extensions just the same which i loved! I have set up my own creator page and linked it to my Twitter (@cBenton92) and have actually gained a couple tips from there which is cool!

I have also started to set up tips to distribute out myself recently. One being to the Voskcoin Youtube channel!


not bad passive income! Vosk needs to get verified!


Good Morning . I have been working to understand The Crypto universe and its been blowing me away. I need at this moment a way to earn passively . I want to earn some $ And I think that the Brave BAT coin is the one to begin with. Question . How can I begin earning BAT coins? Thanks And if this is not the place to put this question I will remove it.
And Good mining.

How can I begin earning tokens ? Im new into the brave browser.

go into your settings and increase the max number of ads displayed per hour to 5 and each time you get a notification for an ad click on it and open the link in a window scroll to the bottom of the page and then you can close it you are rewarded based on the number of ads you view per month

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