Breaker issue? On 30 amp pdu keeps tripping

I kave a ka3 3200w and a k7 3000w on a 30 amp pdu it keeps tripping the breaker mathematics says it can be run why would it keep tripping

You should make sure that you are using the 80% rule.

Example, you have 30 amps on 220 volts. That equals 6,600 useable watts. with the 80 percent rule, the useable amount becomes 5,280 watts.

Another reason the breaker could be tripping is that miners fluctuate in power usage. Therefore when both miners tend to use more electric, the breaker can just shut off.

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The power rating of the miners are at specific conditions. As the fans ramp up they will draw more power than what you’ve listed. Also, as breakers trip more and more they get “weaker” and will trip easier. You’re probably dealing with a little of both. I’d just get another pdu and outlet and call it a day. It’s cheap insurance and keeps everything running.

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I’m with Krisz on this. The 80% draw/breaker rule.

I came up with the same math he wrote above.

And I also agree with Live4 , once both units start to draw max power/surge, there’s no way a 30 amp breaker could survive the 80% rule.

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