Has anyone ever purchase from this site. I seen it on, I’ve checked online and seen a couple negative reviews. Also notice the had a video about 240 v power from Vosk on there site. So I thought I’d asked to see if anyone had any interactions with them.

i bought from their amazon page. good customer service.

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Same here, I bought from their Amazon page and had my miner in a week. Runs great.

hey, can you give a link to their amazon page ?

I just bought a Kd5 from them. Came in about 2 weeks. Paid with a debit card. The bank shut down my account after. The don’t like crypto!!

I recently bought 4 miners from them with a credit card. They are lagit. They have customer service here in the states. Took them about a week to ship my order. They responded to all my questions with in a day of emailing. So far I have had a good experience. No issues.