BTC at 50MH RTX 3080 ti


I got some 3080 ti and was intending To mine etherium.

But as I Under estimated the power consumptionI I now have to wait to get a new PSU.

So in the meantime I decided to fire one up and Since nicehash is so easy to use I thought I would try a bit of bitcoin mining.

With the 3080 ti having a limiter I’m unsure of my results.

From what I understand it’s only etherium that causes the card to limit the hash rate.

So the question is… does 50mh sound about right for BTC or should it be more like 100mh…


It appears I didn’t understand how nicehash works and I’m not mining BTC I’m just being paid in BTC.

In fact I could even be Mining Etherium and if that’s the case then the card limiter must be kicking in and reducing the hash down the 50MH…

I hate GPU companies

There’s a work around to the hash limiter. Complicated, find a tutorial on YT.