BTC Pools - Antpool PPLNS and FPPS vs Pega-Pool Real Test in progress…..Renewable discount active

I just finished a comparison of F2Pool and Pega-Pool. Pega pool consistently generated more rewards after 10 days of testing. It was a clear winner or I would have continue to test. Since Pega won the last comparison, I will be now be comparing Pega-Pool vs Antpool.

Pega Pool Fees: 1% (I have the renewable energy discount active)
AntPool Fees: 4% for FPPS and 0% for PPLNS

The rewards shown in the below tables will include fees. Most will probably not have the renewable energy pega-pool fee active, so please take that into account if you are looking at this.

As far as the FPPS, this should be pretty clear after 3-5 days however I will let it run for 10+ days if it is really close.

PPLNS will likely be less obvious in a short amount of time since that is dependent on actually finding blocks. Since antpool has a lot of hash percentage wise it should give a good picture within a couple weeks or so, but to definitively say one way or another may be tougher at the end of the day.

I have one S19XP 134th at antpool FPPS, one s19xp 134th, and two of the same machines at pega-pool. These machines are all from the same batch, on the same network, all hardwired (no wifi bridge crap), on the same power system in the same building etc… Again, this is about as controlled as you can get this test. May the best pool win!