BTC Pools - F2Pool vs Pega-Pool Real Test in progress.....Renewable discount active

I have been in touch with pega-pool and have been able to get the renewable mining fee discount active on my account due to have a lot of solar.

I have just started (today) a test between pega-pool (FPPS) and f2pool (PPS+). I will not count the first day and I will give this test 30 days unless there is a very clear winner (let’s say 10 day mercy rule).

Each pool has two of the EXACT SAME machines (s19xp 134), they are on the same network, etc… The test could not get any more controlled than this.

I mined with braiins for a bit, but didn’t like how all over the place the rewards were due to PPLNS and their small hashrate. I may revisit braiins when they release firmware for the xp, assuming it works with my control boards.

I can’t get into foundry without 20ph/s. Antpool login won’t work for me and their customer service doesn’t respond to inquiries, so f*** them. I’m sure binance is just fine and would be another large/decent choice, but there’s just so much sh** surrounding binance at the moment that I don’t care.

There are a lot choices, but ultimately we would like to get the most sats per/th and that’s what I’m after. If pega is a clear winner then I’ll likely stick with pega and call it a day unless an issue arises. I went through some pool hunting during eth mining, but I like to find what I feel is close to the best rewards and then just leave it. You could test pools the entire year and not really have a concise answer. With pega’s 1% fees it should help.

If you want to give pega-pool a try, please use a referral: PEGA Pool | Create an account Vosk may have one for him as well, I’m not sure.


We have our first full day. I have broken it down to sats/th as well because as we all know, hash rate fluctuates a little day to day. This will give a better picture. I’ll see if I can dig up rejection rate by day as well. They both are very low, so I don’t think this will have any play in the rewards really.

If you want to give pega-pool a try, please use a referral: PEGA Pool | Create an account Vosk may have one for him as well, I’m not sure.

If you subtract another 1% off of the Pegapool rewards you are still up a little compared to F2 pool. This isn’t 100% accurate of a way to do it, but very very close. In conclusion, Pega-Pool appears to be definitively more profitable than F2 Pool. This is my conclusion. DYOR, of course, but these are just my findings.

Date Reward 24Hr Hash Sats/Th Remarks
2022-03-09 0.00079973 266.96 299.569223853761
2022-03-10 0.00080867 270.6 298.843311160384
2022-03-11 0.00077515 268.39 288.814784455457
2022-03-12 0.00077971 271.57 287.111978495416
2022-03-13 0.00077693 269.26 288.542672509842
2022-03-14 0.00069956 239.13 292.543804625099 ISP Down for Several Hours
2022-03-15 0.00066746 229.12 291.314594972067 ISP PROBLEMS PERSIST – FAILOVER
2022-03-16 0.00072494 248.15 292.137819867016 Residual from ISP Issues – Stable now
2022-03-17 0.00079698 270.76 294.349239178608 back to normal
2022-03-18 0.00080118 275.55 290.756668481219
Totals/Averages → 0.00763031 260.95 292.398409759887
Pega-Pool - With 1% Fee
Date Reward 24Hr Hash Sats/Th Remarks
2022-03-09 0.00085311 279.21 305.544214032449
2022-03-10 0.00079952 268.84 297.396220800476 delayed payout
2022-03-11 0.00079394 269.83 294.237112255865 delayed payout
2022-03-12 0.00076931 262.79 292.747060390426
2022-03-13 0.00079639 270.63 294.272623138602
2022-03-14 0.00075299 252.38 298.35565417228 ISP Down for Several Hours
2022-03-15 0.000683 229.75 297.27965179543 ISP PROBLEMS PERSIST – FAILVOVER
2022-03-16 0.00074466 249.81 298.090548817101 Residual from ISP Issues – Stable now
2022-03-17 0.00078798 262.78 299.8630032727 back to normal
2022-03-18 0.00083493 281.54 296.558215528877
Totals/Averages → 0.00781583 262.756 297.434430420421
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As I don’t represent either pool nor will my review be biased, I must state that pega-pool still has not paid out for 2022-3-10. I am uncertain if this is waiting “confirmations”, if there is an issue with the payout function on their end, or worse. As soon as I receive a payout I will update the table in the second post to reflect the changes.

Edit: looking here, it seems they didn’t find any blocks yesterday (3-10). It will be interesting to see how they handle this.

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Well, this isn’t going the way I expected. If rewards don’t start rolling in soon then I’ll have to pull the plug on pega. I don’t mind doing tests and getting a little less or more rewards, but no rewards is something I’m not willing to do. It will be very interesting to see what they do when they find their next block. Will they back pay or call the lost days a “loss”. Updated numbers for F2pool in the second post.

Edit: Pega has finally paid out for the last two days. View the updated table for details.They still have not found a block since 3-9. I can only assume they were having payout issues, but who knows.

Edit 2: 2022-3-12
Dear Miner,

We were recently made aware of a cosmetic issue that caused our portal to not correctly reflect mining settlements from the 11th (or in some cases, from the 10th). Our payout system relies on portal data to trigger automated nightly payments. Consequently, payments were not delivered as normal.

We’ve investigated this issue and our team is in the process of resolving it. We hope to have this completed today, but it may be as late as tomorrow before the patch is completed. Once this is done, the portal will update and any payments exceeding the minimum threshold amount will be automatically processed as usual.

Please rest assured that all of your mining efforts have been correctly recorded and that all earnings will be paid in full.


The PEGA Pool Team

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Since the payment issue has been resolved, everything has been going smoothly. I haven’t done a payout yet on pega, but I don’t really see that being an issue. If anyone wants to see or know something additional while I’m doing this then please just let me know or DM me.

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ive been following along, please keep us posted on your test, more data is always interesting. Instead of linking the pool page w/ lack of blocks on that date, a screenshot is much better because that data will be hard to find in a week etc.


Will do. If you ever want to chat over some solar then let me know! I personally designed, procured materials, permitted, installed, etc… my system last year. I love the system and have only a couple things I would possibly do slightly different. I believe we live in somewhat similar climates as well.

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Unfortunately, the ISP had an area wide outage today that caused around 6 hours of lost hashing. The machines were equally affected by this, so it won’t sku the results as far as comparisons go. The outage has been noted in the table and I will also note it for tomorrow too since it likely has had an affect on both days given when the outage was. We haven’t had an outage for that long for many many years. I started to kick around my failover option, however my network is quite complex and phyiscally in more than one location with many subnets etc… so it isn’t super easy to get a failover going at the miner location due to this, at least for me. I know a bit about networking, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself an network engineer by any means.

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ISP issues cropped up again tonight. I had a “lightbulb” go off and thought of a way to get my makeshift failover to work. I’m back online. Hopefully the ISP figures their sh** out asap. Rewards for the calculated hash seem to be right on par still.

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Received the first payout from pega without issue. Running the network’s internet off the failover is working great. I’ll check this evening to see if the main ISP is back up again.


I’ll probably let this test go another handful of days and call it if nothing changes. Pega is consistently receiving more rewards. I think if you were to add in the difference in fees it would be close to a dead even tie (pega 1% and F2 at 2.5%). Perhaps I’ll throw in a fee adjusted column at the end.

I, AGAIN, attempted to login to antpool and the login and register do nothing. I figured I would cave and make a new login. I tried email and phone and it does nothing when clicking register or login. Tried on multiple devices and browsers.

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ive had that random login issue at times. try doing incognito mode.


That did the trick. Not sure why I didn’t try before.

Really the only other two pools I have possible interest in testing are binance and antpool.

I COULD do one xp on binance, one on antpool FPPS, one on antpool PPLNS and one on Pega.

Thoughts on that? Perhaps I’ll let the current test run for a few more days, but I think it is clear PEGA, with the fee discount, is beating F2Pool.

Edit: well, it appears you can’t use binance pool if you’re in the US. This may lead me to give antpool a try with an xp on each miner and then leaving two miners at pega.


yeah its a weird thing ive noticed happen to me on random sites and thats one of my things i try and it works if no other options work.

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I notice miningpoolstats shows Pega Pool haven’t hit a block in 8 days while F2 are at 66 minutes. Isn’t that going to make F2 a better bet currently?

I don’t know. THe information was just clear from the time I did the test. It isn’t definitive.