BTC-S37 dead. UK Repairs available?

Hi Guys.

Is there anyone in the UK that can repair one of these. It worked with 8xRX6600XT’s in it for about 5 minutes, before it died. I have tried different PSU, memory, SSD, auto on disabled, memory removed, SSD removed, GPU’s removed, power to all 8 sockets (tested 12V at all points). No green light on mainboard, and no fan spinning on CPU. I got in touch with the manufacturer, but they want it sent back to China, which is crazy expensive (plus things get “lost” on Aliexpress). I bought 4 units in total, which is why I could thoroughly fault find by swapping and replacing with known working parts


Hey, I have similar and same problems on my 2 BTC-S37s.

First one is no CPU fan spinning but with greenlight and no power to USB sockets.

Second one is CPU fan spinning but with no greenlight and no power to USB sockets.

Both are running the GPU’s correctly though.
The CPUs seem to have died for some reason, I want to guess an electrical shorting has

This is my conclusion, I am in contact with several BTC-S37 Sellers and awaiting answers on how
this issue can be solved. I mean these things are not cheap and the time,energy and money put in to these projects are insane.

To have them crash like this is really expensive.
Let me know if you have any updates, I will let you know when I get my answers.