BTC support at 27K?

Hi Guys,

How much lower do we think this will go? I just watched it bounce the top of 26K. Eth is now at $1800, so I’m one of the lucky ones with extremely cheap power, so can mine down to about $1000 and it’s still worth it. I personally think we will see a huge bounce soon. We could test the 200 week moving average first at 21k though…

I’m currently mining and dumping ETH to FIAT. It’s not something I want to do, as I would normally hodl 90% of my mining output, but life costs money to live, and this is my “job”.

See you on the otherside!

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I’m just starting and have a mini KD-Pro and Litecoin/Doge miner due in this week The Litecoin/Doge will be negative because of my electric but the KD will make it up. I’m hoping for things to go in the right direction soon. :slight_smile:

I think if you are in a position to hodl the coins, and the electric cost isn’t too much, then it’s great to mine. The alternative is buy the coins directly, which is more cost effective, but not as cool as having your miner doing its thing. The BTC price is already in the 28’s, but yesterday we saw it dump hard around 8am EST (1PM UK time), so I’m mindful that we could see that again. Hopefully I’m wrong!. I have 3 helium miners arriving the end of this month (after ordering in November last year). Crazy wait times. I have one going at my home, and the other 2 strategically located at friends houses in the village, each 500M away from the other.

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So cool to hear your getting some helium miners. I brought 2 Bobcat 300’s from @Justin_Balik in the group and got them going last weekend. at my house I posted an external 5 dbi antenna 5 meters up on the room and the other I setup at a friends house. I’m excited about getting into mining even though the market is a little crazy right now. I’m wishing all of us a good outcome.


under 20K