BTX Mining $20/GPU/Day 5/2/2020

WTF go to

and look at the new kid on the block and switch over to mining it ASAP lol

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In the future screenshot it and post it, looks like it was a low volume pump and it has faded back into the abyss where it probably belongs lol :smiley: – still interesting none the less.


I know when it went away I was like wtf was I thinking. I think I was too busy getting the wallet for the coin and updating my flight sheet lol every card on the GPU page of what to mine showed it making $15-$20 per day profit


Haha well I like the hustle man! Unfortunately chasing those sort of problems have seldom ever been worth it for us

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There seems to be a new most profitable coin it’s been like this since yesterday Ubiq(UBQ)

Anyone else notice this or switch over and start mining it yet?