Building a rig for beyond ETH POS move

Hello everyone, newbie here,

I know that ETH is moving to POS, so it’s not going to be mineable in 2~3 years, so I want to build a rig that would mine other POW coins too… Any suggestions? AMD is still the best one for other algorithms other than Ethash?

I’ll probably start with 1~2 GPUs, maybe 2 AMD 5700, but if I wanted to build it for other coins, would be some NVIDIA one (I saw in some places that NVIDIAs are better for other algorithms)

So, any suggestions?

make considering to mining rvn coin if your build can mining rvn will be alot minable coins second i dont hear from any one question about dag size, with dag size increasing all 8gb cards run out in another 2-4years same as 4gb cards rvn have different algo dag size not increasing same as ethash.also alot coin cons moving to pow