Building a SOLAR POWERED Bitcoin Crypto Mining Farm | My Rough Plans

I’m building a solar powered Bitcoin and crypto mining farm! It’s a huge project and I’m currently just in the planning phase. Here’s my rough build plans for building the VoskCoin solar mining farm!
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Watch the original VoskCoin Solar Powered Mining Farm video where we talk about the initial concept, inspiration, and how we have already closed on 50 acres!

It’s so incredible to have finally reached the point where I can build something exciting and unique, and that will be a new VoskCoin mining farm powered by… the sun! I will be mining Bitcoin with ASIC miners, and Ethereum with GPU miners, along with numerous other cryptocurrencies using the best mining rigs I can buy and build. I’m still exploring all of the best options for the best solar panels, and solar inverters such as the Sunnyboy string inverter. I am still not sure if I will use a battery set up so I can continue mining at night or if I will simply power the mining rigs off with the sun. Let’s review the current rough build plans for this solar Bitcoin and Ethereum mining farm!

I want your input and advice for building a solar-powered Bitcoin mining farm on VoskCoinTalk! VoskCoin Solar Powered Crypto Mining Farm Build Plan! ☀️ Input Needed!

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Though FPGAs are expensive they use a comparatively less power per kh or gh which will allow you to put more miners into your solar mining farm (especially like the f1 and f1 ultra on xdn).
I was also wondering whether or not you guys are planning on selling your house to fund this.

OMFG i have a great Idea. You guys should do some cpu mining too, you can build a rig with 4 ryzen 9 3900x s which will mine 50-60kh per second with 700 watts. What is really cool about this is that you could techinically use motherboards that support more than 1 gpu which would allow you to gpu and cpu mine on the same rig.
I hope this interests Vosk. If so I hope he’ll give it a try
P.S a german crypto youtuber made a video about doing this exact mining rig.

Hi Vosk
This is my house
before roof
I am in Ontario between Toronto & Niagara Falls. In Spring 2017 we purchased $30K CAD, or a 9.96 KW solar system for the roof. The maximum residential install on solar here is 10 KW, and that is also what is sensible for the property. The panels are all on the backside of house and not visible from the street, love that part. We do have a tree in the backyard, but it is not too bad for casting shade on roof (we have it cut back every few years), and of course our Canadian winters, with snow sometimes covering panels.
after roof
We do not have batteries, and feed back to the grid directly. In 2017 we got onto tail end of provincial solar program, which is 20 yr contract to sell back power @ $.30 per kw locked rate. This is a little more than twice our average cost to use power on our time of use program here, and our average cost is similar to yours in USD. The panels have averaged about $3,200 CAD return per year, and we also get a nice capital cost allowance depreciation on the equipment at tax time for 5 years. The ROI I have estimated to be about 8 years on its own steam, and every piece of equipment on roof has full manufacture warranty for 25 yrs.

From sign to install it took 1 1/2 years, and was a complete nightmare to coordinate. The solar is strong in summer and overall per year pays back about 40% of my power expense, 37 GPU, 4 people & dog included. My location is probably not the best for solar, but the system will pay for itself in what I consider acceptable time, and with the crypto mining multiplier it is a sound vertical investment for sure. Of course it may also impact my home resale value positively.

My advice to you is to build out as much solar as you can, because I think you will find your eventual mining power requirements will have your solar maxed out, and you drawing from grid. Still a very smart way to attack it. That stream hydro power idea may have legs though, and I cant wait to see more on that.


We’ve been mining since 2018, and mounting our Panels since March of this year. The first 12.6kwh arrays are working, and we’re working toward another 10kwh by Jan. Bought and EV, and growing our farm. Hard work, but worth it. Best of luck!

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The 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended
This week, the Federal Government passed a bill extending the 26% solar investment tax credit for two more years.

Under this new bill, residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar projects installed in 2021 and 2022 will be eligible for 26% tax credit.

This number will drop down to 22% for solar projects in 2023, and disappears completely for residential installs beginning in 2024.

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that’s huge! esp. for expanding in the couple following years as well :smiley:

Yeah I thought you would be happy…now the bad news.
New Ethereum ASIC miner…2,600 MH @ 3000 W

I know your stance on ASICs. We need to unite the GPU community to take a stance now that Eth 2.0 launch is completed and remove ASICs from Eth 1.0. We need the community leaders like you to unite us into a single LOUD voice.

Please post a reply in the Magicians voicing your concerns. You have a good story to tell and how you have planned for the future to support Ethereum network using renewable energy.

@VoskCoin should check into Array Technologies for solar trackers if building a large solar farm as well. Maximize that “sun” time.