Building my first farm! I have almost FREE energy, any advice?

Hey Guys ! new here …

I already have a warehouse with a solar panel system, which is producing alot of excess energy which I get credit for ( at a bad rate ), so I would be much better off mining with that excess energy.

Since I already have a warehouse and almost free energy, around 200KW spare, can increase if needed…

Any advice on what rigs I should buy and how I should mine ? I have a big budget, so i’m happy to invest

Not entirely sure how mining works yet, but I would like my mining profits to go to BTC and SOL

Does it make sense to buy most of the rigs when the bear hits in a few months ? or better off buying now so I get the time learn and set up

In it for the long term, happy to be mining all the way through the bear

Would appreicate any help!