Building my first GPU Rig

I have a case coming in the mail today, and I haven’t purchased anything else yet.
Rosewill 8 GPU Mining Case Frame. Not knowing if it was a good purchase or not, it was on sale and this one was an Open Box at $75. So i didnt see it as so bad eh?

So far in the wish list/planning stage for everything else, looking at grabbing the ASUS B250 MB, Intel Celeron G4900 Coffee Lake, and 8GB of memory I have in stock already.

I haven’t quite decided which path/coin I would like to jump onto first, but whichever path I take, bears the same question:

Should I approach building this progressively (buying GPUs and installing them as I get them) or should I wait until I have all the pieces together before starting?

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I have 2 2 GPU rigs running now and I plan to add a 3rd to one today and a 4th next week. I feel like y let my stuff sit and collect dust when it could be earning money collecting dust the hard way lol

So what you are saying is that I can do it how I want to do it lol
Which is to get what I need and boot it up asap with the first GPU and add onto it as I go. Though financially speaking, I might be able to swing 6 GPUs into it at once.

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Buying and installing as you get them is fine, especially if you have all of the other pieces to a rig just sitting around. Just pay attention to the power usage :smiley: