Building My Own Mini Data Center For Hard Drive Mining - Chia XCH farming shed

I am building my own mini data center, dedicated to hard drive mining, which allows me to earn passive income using computer hard drives. HDD mining is often overlooked but it’s low electricity usage, heat, and noise, and now it is easy to do with these hard drive mining rigs! h

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Converting a Shed into a DIY HDD Mining Data Center Converting a shed into a Hard Drive Mining Data Center
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Evergreen Miners are plug-and-play hard-drive cryptocurrency miners that mine Chia ($XCH)! They are safe, quiet, and easy to operate. I am looking at building out a dedicated shed with the sole purpose of being an Evergreen hard drive mining server room. My goal is to keep the miners out of the house and build a dedicated, controlled space for them to mine 24/7 without any interruptions. Chia XCH is committed to mining long-term, especially with their green mining alternative to Bitcoin, which makes it seem like a safe bet for a serious addition to the VoskCoin mining farm. Hopefully, hard drive mining pays off, to ensure I don’t waste money on this DIY mining data center please give me your feedback asap! Let’s talk dimensions, buildouts, A/C, power consumption, etc.

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00:00 Working on some crazy new mining ideas!
00:38 Building another mining shed?
01:24 Hard drives are more fragile
03:00 What kind of mining shed am I building?
04:04 Using solar panels to mine?
06:00 Asics can be cooled using ambient air
06:50 The amish shed connection
07:24 Building a farm with chia evergreen miners
08:09 Will Chia pump?
09:00 Tails inspecting the weeds
09:40 Is this a good investment?
10:34 How to build a harddrive mining shed
12:00 The current evergreen farming setup
12:52 Home mining can get annoying
15:15 Crazy or genius?

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Building My Own Mini Data Center For Hard Drive Mining - Chia XCH farming shed