Bull or Bear? BTC hardware and headwinds

I wanted to see what our community is thinking around BTC mining. It’s tough right now and it looks like the next difficulty adjustment will be about +9%. I am contemplating some additional hardware purchases but of course the next halving is coming up in a little more than a year. Prices for hardware are pretty cheap historically speaking, but it is tough to make a profit right now.

What are your plans and thoughts on the current headwinds?

If I had money that I can spare , and electricy rate lower then 0.1 usd per KW , I would enter in game… with Bitmain S 19 XP or Whatsminer M50 series… Miners are very cheap now , and someone is speaking here that in end of Q2 or start Q3 this year will be cheaper… This bear market hit me hard … In last two days I lost 5000 usd , I sell my tokens to early, I was selling in Friday and everything hit on Saterday and today , so I am waiting for now to recover I hope I will…

I still have a chunk of my war chest hung up in blockfi… hoping for good news Tuesday. If those funds are freed up I will add a couple miners of some sort.

I would get an s19XP 100THs to go with the 82 and 96 currently running, or do the maths on a more expensive one that might be more efficent, if I hadn’t drained all the funds earlier in the year on things like ETC miners before I knew about DAG sizes and KDA/CKB miners before Bitmain decided to go for Goldshell and create all the resulting collateral damage. So for me, it’s run what I have as effciently as possible and wait for the pump.
With commercial miners shutting down, we might get a difficulty dip that makes things better and the miners have never been cheaper. Halving will be nasty, but I’m expecting a price bump some time after. So if I had the cash, I’d be buying.
Got my solar going in today - 10KW 3 Phase 240V. Currenlty using 7KW on miners. I have room for one more big boy … Maybe I’ll find a way.