Buy miner or dip?

Question: At this point i have bought
2 X S19J 100TH
1 X S19 90TH
Only 1 is hashing others come online Feb 1st.

Now i can buy 1 S19XP 140TH to also come online on Feb 1st or invest in coin during the dip…
Feedback and opinions please

If you have that kind of budget I’d say stick with what you got and maybe purchase one or two ASIC machines that run a different algorithm, like script. That way you can broaden your mining farm capabilities and not have to worry about the coin you just invested in


Go for the dip your not going to get the miner before Feb 1st and your still waiting for the others to arrive. Now if you bought in the dip a few different crypto’s including meme coins you could 2x now if you also used an exchange like pionex which has free crypto trading bots you could set a few of these up and make passive income.

Now come Feb you could and it is possible to 2x your investment or more. You could take the profit and buy another miner.

I do not yet know how to do that, but i want to learn how. I plan to use my earnings in such a maner as you describe. If i buy the dip, S19 XP’s wont be available until August or September (The one i have access to was a test release). I could use the profits to buy a different ASIC.

I have one miner hashing. I’d like to learn how to use it’s profits with a trading bot like you describe. Risk is lower and i can learn process, rates and fee in the mean time.

I use pionex it’s an exchange with 16 free built in trading bots. There fees are the lowest of any exchange I have used 0.05%.

I will check this out today, i need to understand the parameters of the trading bots. Sounds good though.

Youtube to the rescue.

s19 xp dont come out till july
XP 140T PRE-ORDER July,2022 14170USDT


Got early access. The host i use has access to 20 presale units, 4 left at $17999. Premium price but extra hashing time.

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i bet. enjoy

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Pion-ex have a lot of videos on how to use the bots on YouTube . I like the infinity, grid and trailing sell bots. They also have help links on the bot config widgets that help you and explain how they work.

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I’ll believe it when I see it. Doubtful that they’ll be available before July.

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Buy the dip man. You’ll gain more quicker if you work the markets. I know I have.

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I appreciate the feedback.

Understandable doubt. I’ll find out soon.

OMG thank you for the info. I am opening an account and will be feeding it my mining profits. I will be buying the S19 XP as well but mining profits should be about 3 to 4 thousand a month (5 ASIC miners total) feeding into investing bots. I can’t thank you enough.

I’d also consider staking in POS blockchains. Staking has huge rewards but requires a lot of upfront cost. Staking is a smarter move than buying crypto only during a dip as well