Buy This Crypto, Help Monkeys, Elon Musk MONKEY LIST?!

Buy this cryptocurrency token, and help MONKEYS but this monkeys token is much more than a memecoin?! MONKEYS token is looking to support monkeys but it revolves around Elon Musks Monkey List and apparently, even JK Rowling is in the mix?! Do you think putting in 1 Ethereum was the right or wrong move? MONKEYS on dextools -

MONKEYS official website -
MONKEYS telegram - Telegram: Contact @MONKEYS_ERC
Monkey list by elon musk on twitter -

Pepecoin surged over a billion dollars and dogecoin and shiba inu shib are both top 20 cryptocurrencies and after the recent huge success of PEPE cryptocurrency investors are looking for the next altcoin to pump… Can MONKEYS really be that cryptocurrency? MONKEYS is looking to build real utility and actually… help monkeys, also Elon Musk sends many different cryptocurrencies skyrocketing, so the fact they’re building around him and his monkey list on twitter is quite an interesting decision. I’m not here to pump MONKEYS just to let you know about it, but after talking to some of their team, and seeing the energy of the MONKEYS token telegram community, I decided to put an ETH into MONKEYS tokens.

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The New Pepe coin?
00:47 Marketcap of the top 5 meme coins
01:33 Elon musk’s twitter list - Monkeys
01:56 Monkeys Token Marketcap
02:57 Monkeys is supporting Primates with Spartn
03:17 Monkeys transaction taxes
04:22 Spartn - Rescuing monkeys
04:40 Monkeys token transfers and Holders
05:00 Community behind Monkeys token
06:08 Monkey stats on DexTools
08:00 How to buy Monkey tokens
09:03 Watch out for scammers and impersonators!
10:17 RIP Wilson
10:57 Layer 69 a super secret project :speak_no_evil:
11:12 MONKEYS crypto review

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Buy This Crypto, Help Monkeys, Elon Musk MONKEY LIST?! MONKEYS token


yay! another 1600000% up token? might put a few $ in this haha

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