So I went to
and started peeking around,site already looks plain,I built websites for a lil bit and not even I made the site so plain which to me drew a flag(the not professional flag). So when you go look at the product pages and scroll down to the 4 options,they read:
Additional Information- missin capsize line 4
Payment- read this crazyness
After Sales- missing caps alot more
My point is this was not done professionally and when I read the payment saying I have to pay twice because of some kinda time out. Maybe this is something I don’t know about.
My girl from Alibaba said “H1 First shipment on the end of May or beginning of June,1928USD. Second shipment on the end of June or beginning of July 1272USD”…
Told her to conatact me as soon as its available,my luck the profits will go down by then…$100 plus a day for $2k investest, ROI is less the 20 days,gotta try it.

I just want people to know that this is my opinion,I have not done business with these people to verify anything,but at the same time the writing is on the walls…BE CAREFUL…

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