Buying 4 ASICS under a business, so many choices!

I have been working behind the scenes getting a business license to buy the ASICS under a business, now that step is done and out of of way, I am stuck on directions which way to go, "kind of ".

I am for sure going to pre-order 2- Antminer S19XPs for the July drop. But I going back and forth on rather to order a used S19 J 104Th/s AND 1 Goldshell CK5.

But I am deciding if going with 2-CK5 and wait till July for the 2 S19XP and not buying the s19 104ths.

I seeking counsel on this for those who are in the same boat or have been down this path with experience on the CK5 and the Nervos platform.

Somebody chime in here, I’m waiting to hear the answer too! What are the down sides to a ck5? Seems like price vs profit is good. But I suppose only mining one coin could be a downfall

6 months to wait seems like a lifetime to wait to me. You could make $8-10k with the CK5 before July alone.

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I would get a s19 (110th) and CK5 now.


I’d get 4 s19’s Bitcoin is not going anywhere, and it is a sure thing. the CK5 may give you a quick fix to tide you over.