Buying 5x Antminer S17+ // 5x Antminer S19 Pro

Hello everyone! Long time subscriber, new to the forums! Wanted to get some advice from all of you on buying five Antminer S17+ (73Th/s) on eBay. The seller claims they are new, is there anything I should check for before buying?

I also wanted to add, I am ordering five Antminer S19 Pros (110Th/s) which will be arriving in June or July depending on everything happening in the world! My electric rate will be 0.065c and hope to be running all 10 at fully capacity using the “Minerstat” ASIC monitoring application to make sure everything is running smoothly and that it will be churning out the best profitability for me.

My questions are, should I prepare for any machine issues or firmware issues with old or new machines? I’m not sure what the return rate was on the S17 models but that is my biggest concern as of now for the new machines, for the old machines I want to make sure I am buying something worth buying, so really any advice would be wonderful! I am still pretty new to mining, I have a few ASIC S9’s running but nothing too serious!

Can’t wait for your advice, thanks and happy mining!


I have 3 of the 17 series. T17 works but is off. S17+ and t17+ both are only hashing from 2 out of 3 boards. Both bought supposedly new from eBay. 19 series is likely more reliable. 15s and 17s both just ran horrible in my experience. There is a reason they are upgrading this hardware so quickly. The dual plug features is just a poor design concept imo.

Interesting… besides Th/s has there been any other improvements to the S19 Pro compared to the S17+ that will hopefully make them run better, I currently have pricing lined up to pick up the units for around $2,750 a unit for ten units straight out of Malaysia.

The power supply is constantly being changed. So, you can bet we will see a new design for the 19 series. It is just more efficient.