Buying A Goldshell KD-BOX

Hi Guys

I would like to know if there is a place I can buy a KD-Box I’m new to mining and would like to get into the game and start making some cash. I have a budget of $4000. I see the affordable places are out of stock and the expensive places have stock.

Is there any alternatives that have stock? and a similar return?

Thanks a lot

with $4000 you might find a used one on eBay.

problem is I’m in South Africa, but will have a look thanks

Get one from the next Goldshell drop. Watch their Twitter and sign up for their notifications.

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thanks for this, do you perhaps know how often they drop per year?

They’ve dropped for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Before then they weren’t sold out for a while.

As more people get interested due to profitablity they are more likely to sell out each time they drop.