Buying ASIC miners - Compass

I saw some ASIC miners you can either do at home or do at one of the facilities. It says one is in Russia and already hooked up. Is that risky doing in another country vs. doing it at home since you don’t have the equipment physically? Any advice?

I believe that is fairly safe, although I will have a definitive answer once my S19j Pro goes online on Oct 31st (hopefully sooner) from Compass Mining on Nebraska I believe, or Florida, or Texas.

I’m not sure in which facility they will connect my miner yet, hopefully they will let me know by Oct 31st.
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I also have 2 L7 scheduled to go online on January 10th, so I will give updates on that as well.

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Best of luck!

Thank you. Best of luck!! And any updates would be muchly appreciated.