Buying at home ASICs from Compass Mining

Sharing this as an FYI to newcomers into mining

So I ordered a new S19j Pro from Compass Mining a few weeks ago, it’s estimated ship date was 3-4 weeks out. Last week when I noticed they’d dropped the price on the same unit, I contacted customer support about a price correction on my order (as it hadn’t been shipped yet).

Customer service was nice, professional, but informed me that once I’d paid for the order, there was no changing it, including a price correction.

Was this made clear when I ordered the miner originally? Probably, but I didn’t think much of it (newcomer mistake, I admit). Is it okay that a company drops the price on a product and not price match it for customers who already ordered, but haven’t been shipped to? Feels wrong to me. But again, I’m new to mining, and the strange world of hardware sales, so what do I know!

Anyway, just sharing as a cautionary tale for anyone else new to this. Hopefully my 1,000+ USD loss is a valuable lesson for everyone!

It’s unfortunate what happened, but think about what it would have been for you if the crypto market was going up. You’d say to yourself that you got yourself a good deal. It’s all about perspective.

The company probably already sent the funds to their suppliers in China, so it doesn’t matter if wasn’t shipped already.

There is nothing to be cautioned about. It’s all about supply and demand along with market dynamics.

The best part is that you are now going to start mining very soon. Welcome to the club.

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