Buying from Goldshell in the US

Thanks for your mentioned and trust!

TBH, I have no idea about the duty taxes… If you order asics from us(resellers), we usually declare the value as 200~300USD per pc. I think it will help you to pay less taxes. and if you’re interested I can offer you price for your reference.

Spot on. It’s 27.6% of declared value. Also keep in mind if it gets pulled for a “random” check and you have $300 on a 10-30K unit, they will do their research and come up up with a fair market value to tax you at that 27.6% rate. It’s getting tougher and tougher!!

What models from goldshell that are you looking?
Check with us on BT-Miners
We are the authorized Distributor of Goldshell in United States, And we also capable of providing repair services for all Goldshell Machines.

DHL all day everyday for me!!!

Last year when I purchased my units, Goldshell asked what value I wanted to declare and recommended an amount. Something like $300 if memory serves. Was the same when I bought from Apexto. Now Goldshell makes very clear that it’s up to the buyer to determine what value to declare and what formula they wish to apply. Although unlikely to occur, customs does reserve the right to assess a different value if they believe the declared value to be too low. A fine can also be assessed if it’s determined that the declared value was an egregious or deliberate error in order to avoid duties.

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Ok so here’s my experience. 1st mini box came 2 weeks. It landed and pre-cleared customs in 1 day no import duty. 2nd one landed and last week and took 5 days at customs and has to pay duty $308.00

First I won’t condone false or misleading claims though I can’t say I agree with the import duty fees and/or their rates. I did want to note I saw a remark about the claimed amount and damaged/lost package and coverage. In regards to coverage/package insurance this covers the shipper not the recipient typically for international shipping I can’t say but I know in US domestic shipping that is the case. It would seem GOLDSHELL will not refund you so they may not be receiving anything or due to people commonly underclaiming there may be an issue in full reimbursement on their end.