Buying from Goldshell in the US

As a US resident do I have to worry about paying any additional taxes or fees when ordering from Goldshell? I’ve never purchased from them nor do I know anyone personally who has done so either. Perhaps someone from the US(or more specifically California) can share their own experience on here. Thanks

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I just purchased yesterday. I’ll try to remember to post once I receive them. I’m in California as well.

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I’m in Florida and purchased from them a few weeks back. When you put a dollar amount in the declared value on Goldshells website that is what could possibly be taxed on when entering our customs. I was one of the luckier ones because it’s a random pick I guess because of how many packages enter the us daily they can’t check them all. But if they do grab yours, you will be taxed on the dollar amount you entered.

So is it a federal tax you would pay or a state tax? And when & where exactly do you pay that tax?

Federal tax I believe but can’t say for sure and I want to say it’s 6.5% but again not entirely sure on that part. The shipping company will send you a separate bill that you will be forced to pay or they return the package and from my understanding goldshell will not refund you so you will be out the money.

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Here is someone else that ran into this problem:

They mention about entering a “declared value” when making the purchase. If this is strictly for shipping/logistics reasons then couldn’t I enter a lesser amount to avoid a high customs fee? It’s not like UPS or DHL know how much I paid for it, correct?

To my understanding, I thought the customs were around 30%. However that may have changed. Also, if you enter a lesser amount and something happens to the package, you’re only compensated for the declared value. So if you say a 10k miner is only $200 and something happens, you only get reimbursed $200, not your full 10k. @RetroParc


We usually use a low declaration value method to help our clients avoid high duty. make invoice and wrote there are mini server and declare value 150 USD/pcs.

Declare at under 700 USD and you wont be looking at customs. I usually put 400 USD for any asics and they come in without issues.

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Are you in the US?

:100: most do declare less I would never do that on a 10k investment and up unless you are willing to lose that money and not be pissed

@Smokey024 I wouldn’t do it either, knowing my luck something would happen and I’d be out a lot of money…also not worth any legal issues either if something happened with customs

Yea it’s y I’ve stuck to us stock I pay little more but no worries and kaboomracks really isn’t that bad. But I am working on getting something from @Ann as my first overseas buy on asic. Im try to full 200amp as best as I can with using multiple suppliers so in end I’ll have some supplies I trust

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ive ordered from them 3 separate times. ive never had an issue. took about 2 or 3 weeks to arrive.

Any customs fee or tax?

nope, although i havent bought anything from them in about 6 months. so unless the have changed something no.

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So I guess the real question now would be which logistics to go with- DHL or UPS?

I’ve purchased several box miners direct from goldshell without a tariff. I currently have a HS6 on order, it seems to be delayed with their Labor Day holiday. I’ve always used DHL and I did set the value at $699. If it gets put on hold by customs you would get a notice and have to pay the difference. I would use the actual value of any miner above 10k because if it gets lost or destroyed during shipping I wouldn’t want to absorb that loss. That is one advantage of using a reseller, no hidden tariffs and lower risk than shipping overseas if the unit is in stock.

I’ve got a side question on the insurance that you have the option to purchase on new mining equipment directly from goldshell. Is this like an extended warranty? I can’t find anything on the website of what the insurance covers. It might be worth it if it covers return shipping fees and repairs if needed.

I assumed the insurance was only for shipping accidentals or lost shipment. I could be wrong