Goldshell DHL fees

Hi guys. Have made 8 Goldshell transactions so far, varying totals of a few hundred to a few thousand. Early on, Just 1 of those times I got a message from DHL about “wayfees” some type of customs situation that I had to pay or have item sent back to china. It was $500 and I paid it. DHL said that sometimes the vendor forgets to fill the customs form out correctly. Flash to now and I have it again, but this time $1500 fee for a $4500 order. Is this a scam or what to do?? Thanks for your help!

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Don’t think it’s a scam. Did you buy the insurance from Goldshell? If so what value did you declare? If you declared the actual purchase price, tack on a 27.6% fee from DHL. Do some math and see if it adds up✌🏼

Based on that total I’m gonna say you spent $4905?? Just a guesstimate but that’s what it amounts too. Unless they’re just charging you the 25% and the 2.6% was covered in the original shipping payment. I’m racking my brain but that’s the only way you should get a tax bill.

After reading your post again, I’d say that’s spot on for $4500. You pay tariffs on the TOTAL w Shipping. So that bill you received is spot on.

Thank u Robert! I was rounding the numbers for typing but yep that’s about correct. But I’m still confused, why did this only happen 2 of 8 transactions? I have done other transactions for a few thousand and not had any extra fees after the fact :frowning:

Because they just added that insurance option and you put the value of the order. In the past, they wrote everything up as $300 and you didn’t have a choice. Now you do. I believe you can punch in your own value going forward. That’s the reason for the change.

Ugh! That was so nice of them to always do $300…sounds like fraud. Guess I didn’t notice that. I saw the new insurance added option but didn’t think much of it. Well I won’t be paying the $1500 so I guess it’ll get sent back to China. Do u think Goldshell will refund if it’s simply a rejected delivery? I know they say “no refunds” in general….

Goldshell will not issue a refund. We all learn from our mistakes. I know it sucks but there is nothing we can do. This is the reason why it’s better to buy miners from a legitimate reseller than the manufacturer.

Has this happened to you? who do you purchase from then? I wouldn’t imagine a reseller as better than the source of the product…

Oh I see you sell miners LOL

Is this a dhl thing or would all shipping companies charge the same amount?

Yes, i sell miners, but this happened to me when i first got started with mining. If you buy from manufacturers, there is a chance that you will be hit with large tax bill when you purchase big miners. I purchased 20 box miners from goldshell in the past and had to pay close to $2800 just in tax

It depends on what amount the manufacturer put on the commercial invoice. I don’t think it matters whether it’s dhl, ups, fedex, etc.

So the seller chooses what amount to put down? I just want to make sure I didn’t make an “error”? This will happen to all my future Goldshell orders since they updated that insurance thing?

Have you found it better to use the insurance they offer or take the chance? I only ask because I just ordered from them last week for the first time and decided not to select the insurance but I did fill in the declared value of the total amount for the machine so I’m hoping that doesn’t bite me in the ass now.

I did not select the insurance, never do. So idk if that means you should prepare for a DHL bill….

:man_facepalming: Oh that sucks…

Yes, the seller will choose the amount to put down.

I have never ordered anything from goldshell directly after paying close to $3000 just for the tax, so I’m not familiar with how they operate nowadays.

This individual ordered kd6 from goldshell and currently in a situation where he needs to pay close to $10,000 just for the tax