Buying IEO in the US? Do we have no options?

I was interested in IEO buys in the US but reading about how it’s restricted based on SEC laws.

Do we have any options in the US other can VPN which I don’t want to do.

Pinksale? did they care? was reading quite of few bad things about them?


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I usually don’t bother with anything that’s restricted in US markets. Too much hassle even if I could get my hands on it

Just look harder. Obviously it’s the exchange you are on, not US law per say. The exchange themselves are afraid to open a SEC case on themselves. I have bought numerous IEO, ICO and DAO in the past couple months. I live in the US and refuse to use any US crypto company or group who plays ball with the Gov or VISA. And yes, if a exchange try’s to limit you, VPN up and go back. Buy it and send it (from exchange) to the same exchange (your wallet) let them know you don’t care and will use their system to walk around rules. This is crypto , we make the rules.

Rule of thumb for crypto. Not only are you defrauding your own government by participating in a currency not endorsed, created or supported by your government, you are in essence a member of a collective organized financial army whos goal it to bankrupt the entire financial system as we have known it for 8 thousand years. Not sure where you caring about the enemy’s rules fits into the revolution.

Go look at MEXC Global, Radium and Dex’s.

And while we are on the topic. dVPN , yep a decentralized VPN , they exist at an already functioning level, get on-deck friend. If you find yourself not able to get a specific crypto, message me.

Crazy option B . Join a crypto gang or group. In the past I have had friends do transfers for me based on where they were on Earth and the country Gibraltar’s stupid crypto rules.

Sorry if this message is snarky or ill witted. Crypto has changed me , lol, I can see a house burning down and my first though is “I wonder what the better route was, buying better fire retardant lumber or the insurance pay out, based over time”.

Ok bro, lol

Too funny. I don’t want to VPN - I have it but I have two different Helium miners on it and don’t want to mess with it.

It is a SEC law against IEO in the US. It’s considered a public offering like stocks.

If you can get it for $.01 and it opens at $.08 and hangs around $0.4 and $.06 for a couple says seems too good to be true? I would love to get that and just flip it.

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Here’s the way I understand it, I could be plumb wrong but I think I’m close.
Basically if a US citizen invest in foreign investments those companies/concepts/ideas/business/ICO have to adhere to US foreign investor laws which are supported by country’s treaties and alliances, regardless of what that country’s particular investment laws may be, or face legal issues with there own government. Particularly parts about investment contractual guarantee’s.
Another way to look at this is to say. If a person ran a true ponzi scheme on foreign investors, those investors nations have the legal right to pursue the con-artist.
So IEO’s are trying to protect themselves. It’s pretty straight forward.
I understand you are avoiding new VPN / dVPN adventures.

I’m going to say this cryptically but I think you’ll get it. I assume you know what to expect investing/signing up for an IEO.
Certain exchanges, based in certain nations on a specific continent do have to adhere to US investor treaties, but are not legally obligated to keep your records or verify where you live or what you enter upon sign up (there nations laws), wink wink. The exchange is your bridge to the IEO.

While sure, one could say my magic ingredient is crime. I would have to break the law for a crime to occur. No laws are broken. It’s the same loop hole that allows you to go to certain EU/Caribbean nations, create bank accounts under factious names then go home and transfer money to your factious account in the form of a new investment to skirt taxes and claim the profit/loses were made elsewhere thus applicable to that nations tax laws.

This whole topic is pretty tricky stuff. We could also fairly assume that these are scams, which is why they try to avoid US laws like a plague. For an investment to go from 1 cent to 8 cents on opening day, before the product or tokens start circulating, is magic in itself that defies most investment structures.