Buying miners from alibaba

Hi everyone, I’m new here, I’m searching for KDA miners, but they of course seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere except on Alibaba.
The price on Alibaba are insanely low so first thought is: scam.
Anyway I have heard of people who have bought miners on Alibaba for real, so my question is if you know guys if there is a real chance to buy miners on Alibaba!
If yes, if anyone knows something about it, which stores are ok and why prices are so low? (for example goldshell kd2 700$ and kd5 3.000$)
Thank you everyone

They are not that Low… once you inquire about them they will send you a price that is basically the same as what you can find in the States.

I refuse to do business with a Chinese company with the Arabic word for “thief” as its name.

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I have to agree with this.

Anyone heared of “” or know how I can find out if they are legit ? Looking to buy a KD-2

There is no issue with purchase via Alibaba if you are buying from trusted vendor.
Prices on Alibaba are not low at all and they fluctuate every day. If you find it low there are two resons.

  1. It is a SCAM seller
  2. You need to ask them about actual price before buying.
    Please note Alibaba as a shop banned selling miners so sellers are selling with payment outside of Alibaba - payment via Bank Transfer or Crypto. Other option is that they will sell you other goods in the shop and you pay for miner and they will ship a miner to you.
    As a guideline I would be surprised to see somebody selling KD2 below 15 k USD and I think I am very optimistic here I think more likely they go above 20 k USD and KD5 is around 60 k USD these days.
    There are not many sellers who actually have them on stock since there is a chip shortage and limited production + with actual KDA FOMO people were paying crazy prices.

I think KD2 is discontinued by Goldshell so you can find only used one.
Honestly it is too late to buy KDA miner for reasonable price unless you are lucky to get one from DX Shop or Goldshell weekly drop.

Please find below how realistic price list from vendor on Alibaba looks like - as you can see no KD2/KD5 on the list.

Offer for all miners(2021-11-23):
BTC New miner in stock:
Antminer S19 Pro 110T 29.5W: USD12380 (HK)
Antminer S19J Pro 104T 29.5W: USD11400(HK) (shipping in 10 days)
Antminer S19J Pro 100T 29.5W: USD11200(HK) 8pcs
Antminer S19J Pro 96T 29.5W: USD10500(HK) 39pcs
Antminer S19J Pro 92T 29.5W: USD9900(HK) 72pcs
Antminer S19J Pro 88T 29.5W: USD9650(HK) 35pcs
Antminer S19a 96T 34.5W: USD9250 (HK)
Antminer S19J 90T 34.5W : USD8550 (HK)
Antminer T19 84T 37.5W : USD7813/(HK) MOQ 10pcs
Antminer T19 88T37.5W : USD8125/(HK) MOQ 10pcs

Antminer S19J Pro 104T 3068W: USD12000(SZ)
Antminer S19J Pro 100T 2950W: USD11800(SZ)
Antminer S19J Pro 96T 2832W: USD10900(SZ)
Antminer S19 95T 3215W: USD11200(SZ)
Antminer T19 84T 37.5W : USD8650/(SZ)
Antminer T19 88T37.5W : USD9050/(SZ)
Antminer DR5 35TH/s 1610W: USD8450 (SZ)
Antminer DR5 33TH/s 1610W: USD8150 (SZ)
Antminer D7 1157GH/s 3000W: USD12000 (SZ)
Antminer D7 1286GH/s 3148W: USD13200 (SZ)
Antminer L3+ 800w wtih Pc PSU: USD$1200 (No warranty)

What’s miner M31S+ 44W 76T: USD6780(HK)
What’s miner M31S+ 44W 74T: USD6620(HK)

Avalon 1246 83T 38W: USD81 per T
Avalon 1246 85T 38W: USD83 per T
Avalon 1246 87T 38W: USD84 per T
Avalon 1246 90T 38W: USD85 per T
Avalon 1166pro 78/81T 42W: USD75 per T
Avalon 1126 68T 50W: USD4880

Other New Miners on Preorder:
Antminer L7 9160MHs 3225W: USD25920 Nov. Batch (SZ)
Antminer L7 9160MHs 3225W: USD23980 Dec. Batch (SZ)
Antminer Z15 420k : USD11580 Octo. Batch (SZ)
Antminer S19J 90T : USD7360 Jan. Batch (HK) MOQ: 10pcs
Antminer S19J 90T : USD6880 Feb. Batch (HK) MOQ: 10pcs
Antminer S19J 90T : USD6400 Mar. Batch (HK) MOQ: 10pcs
Antminer S19J pro 100T (MY) MOQ:10pcs
USD10200 Dec. Batch
USD9900 Jan. Batch
USD9400 Feb. Batch

Antminer S19XP 140T 21.5W:
USD100 per T July Batch (HK)
USD97 per T Aug. Batch (HK)
USD92 per T Sept. Batch (HK)
USD87 per T Oct. Batch (HK)
USD82 per T Nov. Batch (HK)
USD77 per T Dec. Batch (HK)

ETH New Graphics card miner in stock:
PandaMiner B8 30HX (8 cards) 240m 950W : USD5080
PandaMiner B8 (1660s) (8cards) 240m 1050W: USD5240
PandaMiner B7pro (580) (12cards) 360m 1250W: USD6040
PandaMiner 2060S (8cards) 320m 1500W: USD7150
PandaMiner 50HX (8cards) 440m 1500W: USD8750
PandaMiner R7 (8cards)560m 1150W: USD11400

Other miners :
Goldshell KD-BOX: USD$8000 (No psu)
Goldshell CK-BOX: USD$1088 (No psu)
Goldshell Mini Doge 185M 300W: USD$925 (No PSU)
Goldshell HS-BOX : USD$925 (No psu)
Goldshell LB-BOX : USD$675 (No psu)
Box series Oringial PSU 1 to 1 price is USD88
Hangqiang PSU can be 1 to 4. PSU price is USD81.

HNS Goldshell HS5 2.7T 2.65KW : USD$8640 Stock
CKB Gold shell CK5 12T 2.4KW: USD$8960 Stock

SC IBelink BMS1 6.8t/2350W: USD$5250 In stock
90% New HNS IBelink BMH1 1180G/2350W: USD$1280 In stock

Graphics card miner case: in stock
847/B85 CPU ( 55/65mm) only case without HDD and PSU USD235
847/B85 CPU ( 55/65mm) case with HDD(64G) and Inner PSU (Hangqiang 2000W) USD313
847/B85 CPU ( 55/65mm) case with HDD(64G) and Inner PSU (Bitmain AWP7) USD344

Used Miners in stock:
L3+ wtih Pc 800w: USD$1088
S9I/J 13.5/14T with APW3 : USD$520
S9I/J 14.5T with APW3 : USD$560
T17 42T 3200w: USD$1560
Z15 420K: USD$9210
Used A10pro 720M 7G: USD$13680

M20s 62/65/68T 52W: USD75 per T
M21s 52/54/56/58T 60W: USD66 per T

Power Supply:
Brand new APW7 : USD81 in stock
Hangqiang new 2000W : USD87 in stock
Hangqiang new 2400W : USD95 in stock
OEM new 2000W : USD55 in stock

You can probably check with Master3004 I think he can help you out with purchase from China + he seems to have better contact with better price for KD miners.
I don’t have personal experience buying from him so please do your own research.

I have bought a few miners from alibaba, with no problem . Most accept usdt or bank transfer.

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Possible please to name the good suppliers on alibaba or to list the scammers