Buying my First Miner

Hello all,

I’m looking to get into mining, and throwing most of my savings into it. Total: ($70,000)

I don’t know what to get, or where to get it. all i know is i wanna start mining ethereum, and a single ASIC miner for ethereum ( high end ) is literally HALF MY budget.

If anyones can help me choose my first miners, that’d be amazing.

DM Stephen @Master3004

Or @Aaron_Raycove

Start with a lightly used $10000 there about unit, work on the electricity, cooling and venting issues. Grow to another from there.

Maybe even a $8K GPU miner setup.


Steven :crazy_face: :call_me_hand: :+1: :+1:

Just my advice…Before you dump your life savings, watch a lot of YouTube videos from different people. Google and research projects and equipment so you can see different people’s ideas and opinions, and also learn about different projects. Put some research and time in. Don’t listen to someone you don’t know telling you how much to spend or what to get like what was posted above. Again, do your research and make your own decisions…seriously, you’re talking about most of your savings. Don’t fomo in, make an informed decision!

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thank you! will keep yall updated.

I’ll try that, one brick at a time…

Hi how can I get in contact with @Master3004 new here.


check profile and header/expand dropdown

Hello, my warehouse currently has s17+. L3+. S9j. S17por. There are also some low-end devices,I hope to meet some foreign friends and build sales channels.

I would start small work your way up but they draw shit ton power are loud I would think u would need to get some decanted lines to run them running inside of house was not ok with my wife she stared to complain of how loud house was getting and all I had was l3 in all bed room

I just getting started as well and am super interested in the high preforming miners as well!
I am currently getting 200 amp of 240v outlets on
10 30amp breakers installed in my house which is costing me just under 6k$ but I will be able to one high watt miner and a few lower watt miners on each! following and would enjoy learning form each other as we start!

If you havent watched he’s youtube video on power needs and what he suggests I watched a ton of video and he’s was the best explained and easiest to understand used to to build my whole plan and the electrician thanked me for knowing and understanding what I was asking for !