Buying old rig from friend 9 gpu rig

There is one person who has rtx 1060 6 gb 6 unit and 3 of 1070 with two power supply , is it good offer to buy 9 gpu rig in 4250$ ? it is used for around 8 months

I would check the price an availability of the GPUs that are on the rig. If you can buy the components for less, then you may want to buy the parts and build your own
If you see the parts are more expensive, then buy the rig.

It’s coming down to ROI at the end of the day. How quick you can start to turn a profit

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I would say no. Do a quick search on the gpu’s and I see each 1660 6gb making $1.55 a day and each 1070 making 1.95 a day. That is about $10.50 a day. That thing will pay for itself in 404 days, if everything stays good. I see people buying rigs that take 1.5 years to break even on, which for me is way to long. Personally I look for break even around 275 days or under. I have seen some small “off the shelf” units that pay for themselves in under 1 year that are brand new with a warranty. Personally I would be a buyer around $2,800-$3,000


This what NiceHash says for all 9 cards, and that’s at current BTC value. If you’re using NiceHash, they pay in BTC, but if you do an Ethereum pool, you’re looking at about 0.012 ETH per day, or roughly 0.36 Ethereum per month (~$420-450/mo) at current value. If prices go up, you make more. So I’d say you’re actually looking at about 11-12 month ROI at current value of crypto.