Buying on Goldshell

For those of you that have bought directly from goldshell, what’s the process? Can’t find a YouTube video on it. Is it PayPal? Crypto? Or debit/credit card?

Crypto. You finish your order and then have 60mins to send the correct amount

Is it PayPal? Crypto? Or debit/credit card?

Only crypto

CoinBase Transfer

Just like everyone else has mentioned, it’s crypto. Once you check out it sends you to Coinbase where you then use USDC to complete the checkout process. You have plenty of time, which is 60 mins to complete the purchase. I have purchased from Goldshell with no issues at all.

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If you use Goldshell to check out it is Coinbase Commerce (same with Bobcat?) A lot of vendor use Coinbase to finalize transactions. There is a QR code also for payment with other crypto wallets. So you could “pay” with other wallets besides Coinbase. Just remember, they all need the Transaction ID as proof of payment.

If you’re opening a brand new Coinbase account to pay, be aware your funds won’t be available to use for about a week. I just went through that process to buy a Bobcat 300 and was banging my head against the wall when I kept getting an “insufficient funds” message when I tried to pay using my new Coinbase account. I had plenty of crypto in my brand new account to pay for it. I even sent the folks at Bobcat an email thinking it was something wrong on their end, but it wasn’t.

About a week after my unsuccessful purchase attempt I got an email from Coinbase saying something to the effect that my funds/crypto were now available to use. Maybe I was “man-looking” my way through the Coinbase account setup, but I don’t remember seeing any waiting period to be able to use my funds, certainly not a week or so.


Do they get hit with tariffs when coming to America?

Oh big orders yes. Forgot the price limit. Individual Ck box or mini doge by themselves no.

What about the kd box?

@Jus I got my KD Box without paying tariffs.

Same, I live in UK and expected to pay 20% on top, but the shipping label had my kd box value at $300 so it was under threshold and didn’t have to pay any :slight_smile: nice feeling when you save $600!

Awesome. Hopefully there’s a drop soon and we all can get what we want

You just answered my question on why the $1 test on Goldshell for payment says insufficient funds. Thank you and I hope my money becomes available before they have more miners in stock. It’s funny they hold your money for a week. I transferred USDC from another account I have.

I am having this exact problem, I just made an account on Coinbase and the day after I put the money in, it came out of my bank, but I’m still getting insufficient funds when I try to buy a doge 2. I shall be patient for a few more days I suppose. Lol

I had this similar problem but my Coinbase account was not new at all. What worked for me was instead of letting the Goldshell site connect to Coinbase and pay that way I just copied the payment address, logged in to coinbase through a different browser window, then sent the payment from the official Coinbase site. Went through no problem even after I had gotten the “insufficient funds” notice several times before using the goldshell link.