Buying through alibaba

Is buying from alibaba legit? They seem to have some decent prices (all things relative) on GPUs. Any other sources I should check out?

Hey man.

I have just purchased a PSU through Alibaba. Waiting to see if they are legit.

Red Panda has bought from there.

As long as the seller is verified and has trade assurance then I think these suppliers are the ones you want to deal with.

Will update once I know if my stuff gets here


Exactly as Scoobylaw says, only Chinese and Japanese sellers and through alibaba. Never buy outside Alibaba,take it from me, I was scammed twice trying to buy the innosilicon G32-1500,both sellers weren’t from China and sent payment without an alibaba invoice. Alibaba couldn’t refund me my money. So ow I deal with 2 people and both take credit card payments through alibaba. Stick to that and you should be fine.


:roll_eyes: Always think rational

I was a newbie and tried but failed,lil smarter now. lot more homework on miners and their sellers these days.

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So it looks like the company I bought from is legit. Paying my customs duties and should receive it on Monday or Tuesday through FedEx. It’s not as quick as sourcing locally by any means, but it’s been a good experience to date