Buying Used ASIC Miners, Good or Bad Idea?

I am seeing multiple options of buying used miners for a very small price reduction. The bigger attraction is that used miners are in stock more than new miners so it merits the reason why there is hardly any discount becuase the demand is so high.

The real question is, is it a good idea or even just an okay idea to buy used miners? Is it just as good as buying a used car or a used widget of anything? I personally like buying second hand because I don’t lose the initial value drop from the item going from new to used. Does the same apply to ASICs? Is there something I need to worry about?

I’ve bought 5 used asics with no issue whatsoever. The only difference is a used one might be a bit dirty.

Awesome, thank you very much for your response.

Are you not worried that the passwords are changed or anything like that?

Not particularly, My suppliers test and clean them before sending them out. So if the passwords are changed that will be fixed before I receive it.

I can only say this from my own suppliers and my own experience. That is a perfectly valid concern.

Who’s your supplier?

I’m not going to disclose that.

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Lol…I wouldn’t either, your business would take a huge hit!

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The only issue i see with used ASIC miners is people want a premium for them when they are a fraction of the hash rate of new ASICs. they expect your to pay way more then what i think these older ASICs are worth.

I only had a problem once with a virus, normally you will be fine