Buying used miners off Craigslist or other places

When y’all buy a used miner off of a sellers app like Craigslist or offer up how do you verify the miner is in good working condition? Or what would be the best way to check the operation of the miner and make sure it works properly?

Try to meet up in person to witness it running. Check their mining address to see consistant deposits.

There is too much setup involved to test it 100% if you are meeting in a parking lot or even the police station parking lot.

You can take a 12V inverter that converts to 110V , or if you drive a GM or ford truck those will run up to 400 watts but you need a 110v to 220V inverter if you need to test a 220V device.

Then you could take a generator with your and fire it up and test with the 110 or 220 outputs on it. My 2500 generator will only do 110v, but my 9000 will do 110 and 220 both.

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