Buying Used RIg RX 470 4 GB x 6

I am hoping to get it at least mining at a profit while I put the GPU’s up for sale and start financing more RX 5700’s hopefully after the prices come down towards the end of the year. I just feel like for $600 for an entire rig ready to plug and play is pretty good. It is local so no shipping or down time. You know I will be back with updates and photos of how it preforms. My plan is to first try it on the new TeamRedMiner on Kapow if that doesn’t work I will have to see what else I can do with the measly 4gb of on board VRAM.


It should be an interesting move. I had considered doing something similar but everyone was asking WAY too much.

at .11 per kwh which is my rate, those things run at 35% profit margin. That means if your currency price drops by 35% you will basically be losing money. But, if it goes up or stays same, you will be golden. Roughly 20 months and the rig will be paid for. make sure to give us updates. :smiley:

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I finally got everything working! It literally took me 24 hours of non stop work besides about 6 hours for sleep. I will be back in a bit to share more info.

This rig was so dusty when I got it! I literally had to use almost a whole three pack of big cans of air shit was like $30 just to get rid of the dust.

Starting to get some data but the rigs just do not feel stable they have been running for about 18 hours now without any restarts I am hoping that my internet problems were the cause of the early instability.
Here are my projected daily earnings on Nicehash.

As you can see in the above images i have taken one of the RX 470’s from the rig with 6 of them and added it to my rig with 5 RX 5700’s so now I have a 6 GPU rig and a 5 GPU rig. So far it is preforming as expected hashrate wise but it is out preforming my expectations on Nicehash.

I got my first high difficulty share on the new rig I am still looking for someone to help me figure out what difficulty would say I found a block.

Silicone lottery is very real

finally having some more consistent internet and my earnings are increasing.