Calchip Connect switch to Seeed Miner

Hello All, I need some advice. I ordered a Rak miner from Calchip In April, have just received email notification to switch to the Seeed for $949 (which is $400 more than i paid for the Rak and $400 more than the new MNTD are goign for). I am concerned about sending Calchip any more money as several claim it’s a scam, but want despearately to get in to the market…therefore I wanted to ask for your advice here. Should I ante up or request a refund and buy elsewhere? Love to hear your thoughts and Thanks in advance!

I canceled my order with them a little while back. Eta keeps getting longer and they keep trying to get people to spend more money. Wish I learned the process and just ordered a bobcat back in April when I did my original cal chip order. Screw them…I will not give cal chip or rak any of my money if at all possible. They screwed over a lot of people. You’re probably way better off ordering a bobcat now and waiting, or getting one from a reputable eBay seller.

Thanks for the help. Any issues getting your refund from Calchip?

No problems cancelling, I think I had to start it thru their chat bot.

Thanks, you’ve been more than helpful!