CalChip Connect VS Bobcat- Am I the only one?

Interested to know everyone’s take on CalChip vs Bobcat. I have a hate/hate relationship with my Bobcat, it is a finnicky piece of crap that I learned to hate from day one of receiving it back in Feb, after waiting nearly 9 months for it to arrive. It is just too high maintenance for something that it always shilled as so easy…you just plug it and put it by your window. After many roof climbs and trying multiple RAK antenna sizes, low-loss cables…I finally settled on what I thought was descent setup with a 1 transmit scale and plenty of witnessing activity. That was short lived when everything went to hell in handbasket and the multiple weeks with zero earnings that followed. One thing I did notice though is that the CalChip Connect miners that popped up near me on Helium Explorer always outperformed the Bobcats on earnings, witnesses beacons. I’m in a hex with only one other miner, my transmit scale just turned this week to .5, can’t do crap to improve that no matter what I try, and the mfs CalChips around are still transmitting at 1…WTF! Has anyone else noticed this? Earnings are now non-existent, I don’t even think the damn thing covers the electricity it uses when it manages to earn 30 cents a day inbetween the zero earning days. Relieved I was able to dump my other 4 bobcats, 2 at a profit and 2 a loss…hell this last one may end up in the wood chipper! :flushed:

Is your Bobcat hearing the Calchip hotspots? And vice versa?

If not, are the Calchip hotspots legit? Use to help determine this. There are a lot of gamers out there… which is sad that Helium has not addressed this issue very well…

Yep, on both instances. I think the problem is saturation, too many bobcats… nearby it’s like hundreds popping up every week.