Calchip connect

I just received a text stating my order has been shipped. I ordered a kerlink HNT miner over 6 months ago. We shall see.

Received my kerlink today. Now to be sure I set it up correctly and sync it with my wallet.

P S. It was supposed to be delivered last Sept.

Can’t get Kerlink onboarded. I have it connected to eathernet through my commercial deeper connect mini. Could this be the problem, the firewall?

Connected kerlink to a different eathernet circuit not behind deeper mini. Still can’t get onboarded.

Moved entire miner downstairs and connected directly to router. It onboarded immediately. Earned .0039 HNT the next hour. No more since.

I haven’t gotten a single witness in 72 hrs. How often should I be expecting one?

Ok I figured out the filters on explore, and am getting witnesses. In a hex with 6 hot spots so only earning just over $1.00/day. Break even will be awhile.