Calchip miner now avail but questions

Hey it seems Calchip got HNT miners ready to ship but they going for a cool thousand bucks.
what you guys think too much? I wanna pull the trigger but dam. Also anyone know how solid the product is?

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Man, that is a lot. I haven’t heard any feedback yet on the finestra, so who knows if it’s worth it. I’ll be looking for reviews once there are a lot out and running

I ordered one. I figured something is better than nothing while I wait for my bobcat 300.

You can’t upgrade the antenna. And it’s WiFi only. You should buy a different manufacturer from eBay for the same cost. At least you’d have the ability to make it work for you.

I was disappointed with the rak replacement offering and the price difference they were asking for. I can find a known reputable miner from a local Kijiji reseller for the same price. I asked for a refund from calchip which I have yet to receive a month later…