Calculating power usage for miners for business purposes

Just about to pull the plug on mining, using a business structure to that I can deduct the cost of power. Without having a totally separate meter installed at my house, is there some device that I can use to calculate the monthly usage of each miner outlet, or even better, at the mining sub panel level, in order to separate mining power from general home power for IRS reasons. Preferably something that I can reset each month rather than having to record daily readings. Appreciate any recommendations or redirections.

Maybe this?

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I installed Shelley Pro PM1’s in the breaker board.
They can export to CSV, or you can use the mobile app to see just a date range. Here is my January on the S19 J Pro+ 117 which I’ve been messing with in Braiins. It only runs at night and the dailys are all over the place as I try things:

You can get the same experience using the Shelly Plus 1PM which is installed at the wall socket.
Important that you get the Plus or Pro which do 16A @ 240V if it’s on a load over 2KW.
Both require permanent wiring that you may need an electrician to do in your area. I did my own and had my Sparkie check it after.
Before I had the Shellys, the S19s were on a pair of plug-in smart switches that were paired in software to be both on or both off. They had to be a pair as there is no socket switch/meter I’ve seen able to do anything over 2KW.

For mini miners I use various things on the Tuya network which also summerise by month. Whatever your local hardware or electronics store has should be fine. You just have to make sure to get one with energy metering. You don’t have to use the app it comes with. SmartLife Tuya app works for anything on the Tuya ecosystem. Here are my 5 V1’s on a single socket:

1st of every month I go collect the monthly usage from all the meters and put it into an Excel table.

Tax year here finishes March 31. So total up the total KWh and times by power rate and I have a dollar value to tell the taxman.
The red tags on the cells indicate there is a note. The note tells me what is on each one. The Miner10 plug got changed to a Chia farm in September so the usage went way down. That plug was half an S19 that got moved to M1-S19

If you have a totally separate boards, a dedicated meter on that would probably be easer. Shelly make 3 phase energy meter that uses clamps. Not sure how accurate that would be.
It would give you manageable stats though. I don’t know if there is a hard wired high amp alternative that will give you CSV or searchable stats like the Shelly’s do.


Thanks so much. To clarify, I can use these up to 16amp per circuit? S21s pull 15amps, so one each?

Yes - The Pro 1PM or Plus 1PM are both rated to 16A @ 240V (V x A = 3840 W). Both have to be hard-wired to the circuit.

I’ve never found any consumer plug-in types that can do 16A, most likely because standard 240V outlets are 10A here where we only have 240V.

S21’s don’t have the dual C14 power input so you wouldn’t be able to use a pair of 10A pluggable ones like I did on the S19’s originally.

Like @MrMike1992 said - you could use a separate clamp meter if all miners come from a single supply.

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