Calling all GPU miners! A new GPU mining ecosystem called Highwater

Hi all, I’ve spent the last year working on a new project and things are coming together just in time for the merge. Unless you’ve been mining under a rock, you know that Eth’s pow days are numbered. Don’t dump your hardware on eBay just yet… We want to build a community around the merge being a shiny new opportunity, instead of a sad story.

Rather than hashrate, our plan is to build the world’s largest GPU edge network offering something called ‘render streaming’ or ‘pixel streaming’ (and at a fraction of the electricity costs). You’ll earn on a model similar to HNT with value being applied based on geographic location and density of the edge network in your area. For the first 6-12 months, we will pay you a guaranteed daily amount for uptime as a way to get the network to critical mass.
Best on desktop, I’m still editing and updating this, so sorry for any bugs on the website.

and a link directly to our survey @ Google Forms

Thanks all. I’m also open to all questions/conversation about this project. Details are slim on the website for now, but I’m an open book. So, ask away. My name is Alpay Kasal, I’m easy to look up on online, total transparency here.


Suggest you simplify the website graphics.

noted @SteveB . I pulled out much of the ‘extra’ stuff :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks to all the ppl that filled out the survey… I’m going to keep the site and survey up as its been a successful experiment so far.

Anyone interested in learning more about using your GPU mining rigs for render streaming, please do sign up. Earn like you did in the past, and with less electricity requirements.