Can a HP computer server be used for mining?

I know when it comes mining rigs it’s the GPU that does all the work. That being said, could a server be used in any way to mine or be part of the build? I’ve seen people use the PSU of a server but what about the rest? I’m not family with servers at all

depends if the OS supports mining software. assuming your using either windows or linux you should be fine. that being said, if your actively using the server as a server, it will probably slow both parts of it down significantly.

What about running a node? I heard servers are capable of such but that’s all foreign to me

I dont know to much about running nodes. but im sure you can find youtube videos on it.

As long as you have a working OS and mining algorithms for the hardware in the “server” there is no reason you can’t use it. Is it a rack mount chassis and how many U if so? Does it have any GPU(s) if so what kind or what kind can it support and what kind can it fit? A server CPU depending on age can mine Monero well enough last I checked and typically better than most desktop CPUs. If you do incorporate CPU mining into the rig this will be another heat/cooling factor into the mix.