Can any asic miner be used in immersion if mineral oil is used?

I’ve heard you can immerse any asic miner,is this true?

I have heard the same thing but I am not gonna to test it on my miner lol

As I recall, Vosk did a video or two about immersion mining. Think it might have been this one. . Pretty sure they said at some point that you don’t want to use over the counter mineral oil as it would corrode parts sooner. I’m not an expert on it, but I would definitely do research before dunking expensive hardware :smiley:


No,definitely not your regular everyday mineral oil,needs to be dielectric for sure.I have a site that engineers oil coolants so that spot is covered…ye this a 4k machine ima bout to dunk,just too loud and the perks are your stuff runs longer and cheaper. I did notice someone said somewhere about the sulfur in mineral oil and how it may be corrosive,but looked even deeper about how often to change fluid and ran across a guy who has an immersion pool,1 year later no problems,so cheaper to run,QUIETER(main reason),less heat more power(perk).
Can we post youtube videos here?

Yes on the YT videos, just post them

With a line break above and below

Like above, and it’ll embed the video & be playable right here on the forum.

As stated above there are better options and fluids than mineral oil for mining rigs. Iirc bitcool is one of the better rated ones, this is something we’ve been meaning to put more time into from research and video production point of view but just haven’t made it happen yet

What’s line break above and below?

A line break just means skip a line.



please show!!! :pray:

I see,you talkin about the video when I post. I thought you was saying I had to do somethin special with the machine.

TY,learn something new everyday…

Here’s the video that I was talking about… Hope this helps someone.

I saw that video before lol

I like it,pretty sweet,I went with a bigger radiator for more fans for cooling,house stays around 71 degrees so should be good,I’m waiting to see if this can be overclocked. I wish I could post this video I was sent from sellers phone,it won’t let me download the file to let yall see this heavenly machine. The video is what’s driving me to roll the dice one more time,maybe a gem,maybe a piece of coal but you heard it from me,the Innosilicon g32-1800 test unit is in circulation. I spent 3 weeks looking for it and/or a reputable obelisk dealer. The Chinese all told me this unit never existed,then I found it. That lead me to believe they have but aren’t letting us mine with them because they make way tooo much money for a machine. They keep to themselves only before they realized what they had when they shipped out first batch of test models. So test models made it to the market and whoever has is not letting them go…unless you find a supplier who doesn’t know what he really has or has to (his words) sell at lesser price and include that its a test model and may not put out exact specs in which my case i figure if it gives half of what it suppose to,that would be at least $100 a day and since its watts are less it cost less to run. I’ve lost more money flipping coins so I will keep ya posted and when it comes in you’ll be the first to know.

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