Can anyone tell the average Cubic Feet per Hour of an ASIC miner please?

I expect to receive my first larger asic miner soon. In order to not mess up with my neighbors because of the strong noise in residential area, I plan to place it in the center of an auxillari building.
My plan is to create an air duct between the ceiling joists and to press some fresh air from the north side roof overhang, and let it flow through the miner out on the south side roof overhang.
Because of the limited available power in that building I will be able to put 3 to max. 6 large miners.

I have for free a HVAC Duct fan that moves 19400 cubiq feet per hour.

Can anyone please tell me if this amount of air movement is enough for 3 to 6 large asic miner?

The average Asics fan pushes 200cfm per fan so that’s 12,000cfh per fan. So no the air duct does not have enough volume of air.

I have one of these,, and measured 1730 cfm on the hot side of my LT5 Pro.

My LT5’s two exit fans neck down to a single 6" duct (2:1 fan shroud available on eBay) so it should be a fair representation of air flow - assuming the instrument is properly calibrated.

thank you both for your feedback.
at least I know that I need to look out to organize a much larger fan.

Look up your noise ordinance. Mine is 65 db at property line. The 11 machines in the garage make 45 db at the line. The neighbor might not like it, but nothing he can do

…well, that is different here!

What temp is your Lt5 pro temp operating at? Mine is 68.5 C. Seems very high.

72.3 C currently. It always seems to run warm but then again, I live in FL. Still, it’s only 60 F outside today

So yours is running even hotter than mine. The specs show that it should run between 5C and 35C. I assume ours should run less than what they are. I guess I’m a bit confused of what that means.

Technically, it says 0C to 35C. But they mean the inlet air temp. In other words, the rig is going to struggle to cool itself safely if inlet air temp exceeds 35C. The fans will hit max speed (~6200 rpm) and they simply can’t move enough air to keep the LT5 Pro cool. If that happens, the over-temp logic circuit will kick in and shut the rig down for safety purposes. I don’t know where you live or where you have your rig, but check fan speed. I’d bet it’s ~5k rpm, maybe a bit lower if you live up north and it can draw in cold air

My LT5 Pro currently is spinning 3 fans @5100 rpm and the 4th @5050 rpm. I haven’t measured garage air temp but I’d bet that it’s around 60F (~15.6C). The rig’s ASIC chips currently are running at 70.8C average temp.

Thank you. That helps very much. My fans are all running about 5100rpms. I live in PA, it’s starting to get a bit colder. I have 5 box miners and 1 LT5 Pro. It’s 29 degrees F. out and I still haven’t had to turn on my heat yet because these give off so much heat.