Can I place a pre order for 15 mini doge?

Hi Vosk I’m new to mining but I wanna jump in headfirst. I have the cash for 15 mini doge. They look user friendly and good for beginners. How can I get my hands on them?

Dxpool’s shop has 56 in stock right now if you don’t mind paying $100 more per unit than direct from Goldshell (which is much much harder to get in stock). Honestly though if you are going to spend between $10,500 and $12,000 on a miner(s) you can find much better returns on your investment than 15 mini-DOGE miners.

Unless of course you are REALLY wanting to mine LTC and DOGE and have a electrical problem powering bigger miners and a sound requirement…

For instance 15 mini-Doge make about $28 a day right now. 10 L3+'s would cost about $10k but make $60 a day right now. Over double.

Also you might want to check out @Master3004 list he posted today.

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I’ve never mined before are the miners you suggested easy to use?

All miners are about the same level of hardness to use. Just little differences in access and configuration based on manufacturer. The real thing you need to understand is power requirements first, then heat dissipation second, and (depending on the miner) dealing with the sound. Most of the larger miners are like running a vacuum cleaner all the time. L3+'s are in between. Not to loud but not quiet either.

Obviously the goldshell mini box miners like the mini-doge are quiet. I have 7 different box miners, 4 are mini-doge. They do produce a good amount of heat even though they are small. For the amount you are talking about you’ll probably want to vent the heat somehow. For 10 L3+'s you’ll definitely want to vent the heat.

Thanks for chatting about this with me. On the voskcoin YouTube page he says the mini doge is making 8$ per day. How did he get that #? Does the L3 mine doge and ltc or just ltc?

Have you purchased from the guys page you recommend?

He was making $8 a day probably because he has 4 of them. They used to make about $2.50 a day per unit. Now it is about $1.75 each.

Wow it’s all so confusing. I watch video after video and he’s saying all these different profits on each miner. I really don’t know which to buy

He has a video of a Sj Modle that makes 25$ per day and it’s 10k that seems like a good route.

you can look up profits on a miner you are interested in at Just note that sometimes those prices get a little off so best to check it over a day or three to make sure.


Thank you for the link, this helps

The profits he post are based on his experience on that day or general time period. Crypto prices go up and down and with that so does your profits. Check out to see what specific asics (miners) will make per day, base on current values. Keep in mind, you need to factor in your electric cost.