Can I remote access my Mini Doge and Ipollo G1 mini in a different US state?

New to mining here. My question might be idiotic, please bear with me.

I am planning to bring my Mini Doge and Ipollo G1 mini in Colorado because compared to California, the electric rates are cheaper.

1.) If I use a laptop (wifi connection) to setup these miners, if I bring the laptop back in California, I can check them still?

2.) Is it also possible to use my Android Phone instead to connect to my miners?

Short answer is yes. Longer answer depends on what routers and/or switches you are using where the miners are located, and whether you can set them up to allow remote access to your miners. Just using the same laptop in a different location is not going to work.

Whatever you do do not connect the miners to the public internet.

Get a free download like mRemoteNG to SSL or some open source VPN (thinking cheaply but securely) to your home PC, then open whatever management program to your miners.

But as John_Uftring stated, depending on your firewall rules you setup, it could be done.