Can i run my antminer S9 on a regular outlet?

I was wondering if i could hook up my pdu to a regular outlet and just plug in my psu then start mining.

Any recommendation is super risky here.
Wrong info and your new adventure turns sour.

Here’s my thoughts on this. Locate some written power settings on your S9 and PSU . Look to see if they are 120V or 240V . I’m guessing you’re in America so that makes your house very likely 120V. Then consider the Breaker/outlet you are using. A 20amp Breaker will handle about 2000 watts max. So you will most likely need to dedicated one full 20amp breaker to your ASIC.

If you find this information (for instance it says 120V) on the machine, and then you believe your breaker/outlet is ready to handle the electric load.
Stop right there.
Go find a video of the exact model of S9 and power/voltage requirements as yours and watch the whole video to learn, then go step by step with the video physically.

I stress again, with so many variables you need to make sure you feel good about this before plugging stuff in. Please don’t let my thoughts here end up with you frying your ASIC.

Note for the future. Power requirements dictate what ASIC/miner you buy/run at your location. I see people selling here who purchased but can’t supply the needed power, so they’re now selling at near cost (no profit).

Here’s a vid where the dude really nerds out on the power supply

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On it says the S9 uses 1372 Watts and it said a 120V outlet can take in 1400 watts with the 80% rule. Would that possibly work? Also the one i intend to get has braiin os+, it goes to 15.5 terahash per second. Would that raise the voltage the s9 uses?

Yes normally u oc it the power goes up u can under clock it and less power

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I’ve ran S9’s on a normal outlet before. It worked just fine. But I rather run them on 240v. It gives you more options and you can normally run more than one machine per circuit.


Do I use a APW3++ or do i need a different power supply to run on 120V?

The APW3 was fine for the couple hours I ran it. It’s best to get a metering device to check for yourself what you are actually using.
Something like this is simple:

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This one would work?

No. That is 240 volt only.

Alright im pretty sure this would work.

Yes that will work for 110

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I ran mine on that same psu for a couple of months. Power bill seemed slightly higher, and could not run much else on the same circuit or it would trip but it ran fine.

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