Can someone give me a quick run-down on what will happen with Ethash mining?

Hey guys,
I haven’t followed the news on ETH and mining for a while, but have heard that ethereum is forking to allow for asic resistance (antminers ect.) by increasing the necessary GB of memory needed.

So my question is: What GB is required currently and when will the next ‘update’ occur (if there even is info on this)?

And also, I also heard ETH is going to ETH 2.0 - making mining ETH impossible. When will this occur?
Will other ethash coins be affected aswell? If I use nicehash to mine with will the profitability go down because major coins are leaving?

Many thanks in advance and see you tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Eth is not implementing asic resistance, the design of Ethash itself is like that. After each epoch DAG size increases needing more memory

Recently Eth hit the 4gb Dag limit and now gpu and asic with more memory will only able to mine them efficiently

Its not an update and search for eth dag in google

Eth 2.0 will overtake within 2022 and yes POW will vanish

Other coins using ethash will not be affected

profitability will decrease

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