Can someone send me literally $1 of BNB

So I’m in a pickle… I bridged some of my assets to Binance Smart Chain, but now I realized I don’t have any BNB for gas fees and my Binance account is going to take 10 day to verify. Facepalm.

I was wondering if a friendly Vosker would be able to send me literally $1 of BNB. Then I can swap my assets for my BNB.

Sorry if this isn’t allowed. Maybe this would be better posted on discord.

Thanks for any help!

I would send you a $1, but it is rookie on rookie. I dont have Binance. I use CoinBase and Crypto. I dont even know how to transfer.

Ah shoot. Very kind of you, but from what I know, you can only get BNB from binance, or some limited exchanges. I don’t think Coinbase supports it.

You can purchase USDC on coinbase and swap it to binance, sell USDC on binance, buy BNB no need to have the verification complete, but maybe you will need to use the advanced tool to complete market or limit orders, send to meta (assuming funds locked there?) I can also send a $1, but better to learn