Can wallets "auto" sell?

Hi, I’m sometimes worry that my wallet may close / collapse and take my hard earned pool earnings with it…

Is there anyway of protecting against this? ( Can I set my Exodus wallet to auto sell it’s contents every, say 2 weeks?)

I wondered if other people had ever had (Crypto wallet closure) and how they protected against it?


Self custody! Don’t leave your funds on an exchange and you don’t have to worry about that… then you have to worry about loosing access to your wallet.

If you are just mining and selling your crypto as you go and not hodling, I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Thanks, yes I am using a private wallet/s I believe… Exodus?

May consider HODLing…

I see “Ledger” is being mentioned a fair bit?

I am going to give tangem a try for one of my wallets. Anyone here had any experience with it?